The Moveable Feast

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Catering Menu

Pamper your guests with full table service or give them a variety with buffet service.  Each entrée includes:  Garden salad,

two side dishes, rolls with butter an d beverages. Add soup or fruit cup for additional fee.  China and linen service available

at an additional fee.  Prices are subject to change with fluctuation market.

Served meals 13.95* per person.  Buffet style meals:  2 selections 15.95, 3 selections 17.95

Entrée selections:

Lasagna                                Chicken with Dried beef

Baked Ziti                              Roasted Turkey with filling

Stuffed Shells                         Lean Roast beef

Chicken Cordon Bleu                 Stuffed Pork Chop

Parmesan Chicken                    Ham steak with pineapple sauce

Chicken Parmiagiana                  Broiled Salmon with lemon pepper butter

Italian Marinated chicken             Crab cakes

Stuffed Chicken breast             Flounder stuffed with crab imperial

Chesapeake Chicken

If you have something in mind that you do not see, please ask.  We will try and honor all requests.   Full service wait staff available

at an additional charge per hour.  Seafood prices are subject to additional charge depending on current market prices.

Salads and Side Dishes:

Baked potato                        Coleslaw

Whipped Potatoes                   Red potato salad

Candied Sweet potatoes            Macaroni Salad

Baked Sweet potato                Vermicelli salad

Parsley New potatoes              Tortellini salad

Long Grain & Wild Rice             Pasta Salad

Bread filling                          Broccoli salad

Pineapple filling                       Baked Beans with bacon

Vegetable of choice                Applesauce

Stewed tomatoes                   Linguini salad

Having a picnic or party?  Let The Moveable Feast help with some of the work.  All sides and salads can be ordered by the pound

prices or at individual prices. 

Appetizer Trays:

Vegetable Tray with dip           Small - serves 10 to 15 people                  17.50

                                      Medium - serves 25 to 30 people             35.00 

                                      Large - serves 45 to 50 people              55.00

Fruit tray with dip                 Small - serves 10 to 15 people                  prices are seasonal

                                      Medium - serves 25 to 30 people

                                      Large - serves 35 to 40 people

Cheese Tray with Honey          Small - serves 10 to 15 people                  25.00

          Mustard                   Medium - serves 25 to 30 people             42.50

                                      Large - serves 45 to 50 people              67.50

Relish tray                          Small - serves 15 to 20 people                 32.50

Pickles, olives, deviled eggs,        Large - serves 30 to 35 people               50.00

red beet eggs, etc

Deli tray with rolls                  Small -= serves 10 to 12 people                50.00

                                       Medium - serves 15 to 18 people              70.00

                                       Large - serves 25 to 28 people             110.00

Condiment tray                     Small - serves 10 to 12 people                  15.00

Lettuce, tomato and onion        Medium - serves 15 to 18 people               23.00

                                       Large - serves 25 to 28 people              35.00

Assorted Sandwich Tray          $5.75 per person - each sandwich includes various meats, cheese, lettuce, tomato.

                                       We use a variety of breads, wraps, croissants, pretzel rolls, etc. to make a memorable

                                       sandwich.  Includes, chips, pickles, mayonnaise and mustard.

Finger Sandwiches                 $1.95 per sandwich, our finger sandwiches are a smaller version than the sandwiches

                                       listed above. We cut our sandwiches into 1/3 pieces. 

Grilled Chicken Sandwich          Our own grilled, marinated chicken breast sandwich on a Kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato.

                                       $5.75 each, mayonnaise served on the side.  Add chips and pickles for $.30 per person.

BBQ Sandwich                      Pork BBQ, Beef BBQ, Turkey BBQ or Hamburger BBQ served on a Kaiser roll.  $5.75 each

                                        Add chips and pickles for $.30 each

Hot Appetizers:

Swedish meatball - bite sized meatballs surrounded by cream sauce.  1.75 (2)

Sweet N Sour meatballs - bite sized meatballs in a tangy sweet n sour sauce with pineapple chunks. A favorite 1.75(2)

Shrimp Cocktail Tray - L:arge succulent shrimp with cocktail sauce $22.50 per pound.

Sausage Rollups - Cocktail sausages wrapped in a flaky pastry 1.75 (2)

Shrimp Pinwheels - Flaky pastry delicately wrapped with shrimp, cream cheese and spices. 1.50 (2)

Crab spread - meaty crab spread served warm with cracker assortment.  35.00 serves approximately 10 people

Appetizer Roll-ups - Tortillas wrapped with creamy vegetable cream cheese, meats and cheese.  Sliced into bite sized pieces

                        1.75 (3)

Baked Herbed Cream cheese - Herbed cream cheese baked in a puff pastry, served with vegetables and crackers 25.00 serves 15

Hot Artichoke dip - served with toasted Pita chips, crackers or melba toast.  $25.00 serves 15

Wings - Assorted tastes include:  Buffalo, BBQ, Honey mustard.  Served with celery and blue cheese or ranch dip 6.00 for 10

Crab Puffs - flaky pastry wrapped around crab mixture.  Served with sweet and Sour sauce.  2.25 (2)

Shrimp wrapped with bacon - Large shrimp wrapped with bacon and charbroiled till done.  275(2)

Scallops wrapped in bacon - Large scallops wrapped in bacon and charbroiled till done 2.75 (2)

Bread Dip - Choice of Dried beef bread dip or Spinach Vegetable dip.  Served in a bread bowl with dipping bread cubes 35.00 (25)

Vegetable Pizza - Bite sized flaky pastry topped with vegetables, ranch dressing and cheese. 2.00(2)

Banquet room:

We have a lovely, sunny banquet room available for parties up to 55 people.  This is a perfect room for small weddings, rehearsal

parties, birthday parties, showers, etc.  The room is reserved at no charge when The Moveable Feast is preparing the food for

your event.  A fee is charged for the room rental only, by the hour.